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We have seen some breathtaking scenes in our lives – from the sunrises to sunsets, and everything in between. We want to highlight the beauty in everything here at Whether it is through an op-ed about something that is going on in the world around us to thoughts about a product or a service – we want to focus on the good.

We honestly don’t see all that many sites that do that, so hopefully our readers and users of this site will appreciate such an effort.

Let’s start with something that is pretty obvious – life itself. There are times when I get pretty down on myself, and I wonder if anything I have done in this life is actually worth it. Then, I see something that will bring tears to my eyes – tears in a good way, like I’m totally moved by something (dog videos, soldiers coming back from abroad and surprising their children, that type of stuff), and all of a sudden life does indeed seem exceptional and precious.

Life truly is wonderful. Actually, just writing this post cheered me up from a somewhat morose state of mind – because I was completely reminded about how amazing every single day is, and how many opportunities are before me. So what if I never got “famous” or something like that! I am loved by a number of people – and I love a number of people.

Ok, I’ll stop rambling on this welcome post, and go find something lovely to back this website with! See you again soon!