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japan, nihon, giappone, jappone nippon
japan, nippon, giappone, giapponese, cultura giapponese
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news dal giappone, cultura giapponese, nipponico, sol levante
japan, nippon, giappone, giapponese, cultura giapponese
nihongo, giapponese, giappone, GIAPPONE, jappone, nipponico, sol levante


japan, nihon, giappone, jappone nippon

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giappone nihon nippon jappone japan

giappone nihon nippon jappone japanLibri sul Giappone

giappone nihon nippon jappone japanLibri - consigli per la Vostra lettura

Libri in italiano e in inglese sulla cultura, storia e societa' giapponese.
Per maggiori dettagli (recensione, foto della copertina, anno di pubblicazione...) cliccate sul link

giappone nihon nippon jappone japan in inglese giappone nihon nippon jappone japan

Embracing Defeat - Japan in the wake of world war II - John W. Dower (vincitore premio Pulitzer)
The Yamato Dynasty - The secret History Of Japan's Imperial Family - Sterling & Peggy Seagrave
Hirohito And The Making Of Modern Japan - Herbert P. Bix (vincitore premio Pulitzer)
The Silver Drum - A Japanese Imperial Memoir - Princess Chichibu
Japan Faces The World 1925-1952 - Mary L. Hannemann
The Comfort Women - George Hicks
Japan: Who Governs? The Rise Of The Developmental State - Chalmers Johnson
Dogs And Demons - The Fall Of Modern Japan - Alex Kerr
Lost Japan - Alex Kerr
Tokyo Underworld - The Fast Times And Hard Life Of An American Gangster... - Robert Whiting
Asian Loot - Charles C. McDougald
Gold Warriors - Sterling & Peggy Seagrave
Japan in War & Peace - Selected Essays - John W. Dower
War without mercy - Race and power in the Pacific war - John W. Dower
Empire And Aftermath - Yoshida Shigeru And The Japanese Experience 1878-1954 - John W. Dower
The Dark Side - Infamous Japanese Crimes And Criminals - Mark Schreiber
The Rape Of Nanking - Iris Chang
A modern history - JAPAN - James L. McClain
Japan in Transformation - 1952-2000 - Jeffrey Kingston
Inside GHQ - The Allied Occupation of Japan and Its Legacy - Takemae Eiji
The Japanese Have a Word for It - Boye' Lafayette De Mente
Nihongi - Chronicles of Japan from the Earliest Times to A.D. 697 - trad. di W. G. Aston
The Wages of Guilt - Ian Buruma
Inventing Japan, 1853-1964 - Ian Buruma
Kempeitai - Japan's Dreaded Military Police - Raymond Lamont - Brown
The Shadow Warriors of Nakano - Stephen C. Mercado
Yakuza - Japan's criminal Underworld - David E. Kaplan - Alec Dubro
Japan Unbound - A Volatile Nation's Quest for Pride and Purpose - John Nathan
The Pacific War, 1931-1945: A Critical Perspective on Japan's Role in World War II - Ienaga Saburo
Japan's Past, Japan's Future: One Historian's Odyssey - Ienaga Saburo
The Rising Sun: The Decline and Fall of the Japanese Empire, 1936-1945 - John Toland
Essays in Zen Buddhism - D.T. Suzuki
Judgment at Tokyo: The Japanese War Crimes Trials - Tim Maga
The Invasion of Japan - Alternative to the Bomb - John Ray Skates
Reporting World War II - American Journalism 1938-1946 - The Library of America
Zen War Stories - Brian Daizen Victoria
Machiavelli's Children: Leaders and Their Legacies in Italy and Japan - Richard J. Samuels
No One's Perfect - Hirotada Ototake
Strange But True - Stories from Japan - Jack Seward
Mishima - A Biography - John Nathan
The War with Japan - The period of Balance May 1942 - October 1943 - H.P. Willmott
Inferno - The Firebombing of Japan, march 9-august 1945 - Edwin P. Hoyt
Unconditional Defeat - Japan, America, and the End of World War II - Thomas W. Zeiler
Senso - The Japanese Remember the Pacific War - tradotto da Beth Cary
Japans War in Colour - David Batty
Xenophobe's guide to the Japanese - Sahoko Kaji - Noriko Hama, Jonathan Rice
The Burma Road: The Epic Story of the China-Burma-India Theater in WW II - Donovan Webster
The Fallen: A True Story of American Pows and Japanese Wartime Atrocities - Marc Landas
A Gathering Darkness : The Coming of War ... - Haruo Tohmatsu e H.P. Willmott
Japan's Comfort Women: Sexual Slavery and Prostitution During World War II - Yuki Tanaka
The Imperial Screen: Japanese Film Culture in the Fifteen Years' War 1931-1945 - Peter B. High
Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo - Capt. Ted W. Lawson
The Japanese Mind - edited by Roger J. Davies e Osamu Ikeno
The Couch Potato's Guide to Japan - Inside the World of japanese TV - Wm. Penn
Zen and Japanese Culture - Daisetz T. Suzuki
Defending Japan's Pacific War - The Kyoto School philosophers and ... - David Williams
The new japanese Woman - Barbara Sato
The Pacific War Papers - Japanese Documents of World War II - edited by Donald M. Goldstein
Japan's Postwar History - Gary D. Allinson
Japan's Cultural Code Words - Boyè Lafayette De Mente
Saying Yes to Japan - Tim Clark e Carl Kay
Bushido - Nitobe Inazo (traduzione di Suchi Tokubei)
The Eagle and the Rising Sun - The Japanese-American War - Alan Schom
Pearl Harbor and the Coming of the Pacific War - Akira Iriye
Behind Japan's Surrender - Lester Brooks
Nationalisms of Japan - Brian J. McVeigh
A Plague upon Humanity - Daniel Barenblatt
So Can You - Mitsuyo Ohira (traduzione di John Brennan
The Pacific War Companion - From Pearl Harbor to Hiroshima - Daniel Marston
Japan as I See It - NHK Overseas Broadcasting Department - Don Kenny
The Inscrutable Japanese - Meridian Resources Associates, Kagawa Hiroshi
Blossoms In The Wind - Human Legacies of the Kamikaze - M.G. Sheftall
Prisoners without Trial - Japanese Americans in World War II - Roger Daniels
Shockwave - The Countdown to Hiroshima - Stephen Walker
Fukuzawa Yukichi - From Samurai to Capitalist - Helen M. Hopper
The Battle of Okinawa - The Blood and the Bomb - George Feifer
Okinawa - The History of an Island People - George H. Kerr
Genocide - Masahide Ota
Windows for the Crown Prince Akihito of Japan - Elizabeth Gray Vining
Japan Unmasked - The Character & Culture of the Japanese - Boye' Lafayette De Mente
The Age of Hirohito - In Search of Modern Japan - Daikichi Irokawa
Downfall - the End of the Imperial Japanese Empire - Richard B. Frank
Guadalcanal - The Definitive Account of the Landmark Battle - Richard B. Frank
First Shot - The Untold Utory of the Japanese Minisubs That Attacked Pearl Harbor - John Craddock
The Knights of Bushido - A Short History of Japanese War Crimes - Lord Russell of Liverpool
Japan's Imperial Diplomacy - Consuls, Treaty Ports, and War in China 1895-1938 - Barbara J. Brooks
Prisoners of the Japanese - POWs of World War II in the Pacific - Gavan Daws
A Public Betrayed - A Inside Look at Japanese Media Atrocities - Adam Gamble, Takesato Watanabe
Lightning Strike - The Secret Mission to Kill Admiral Yamamoto and... - Donald A. Davis
American Shogun - MacArthur, Hirohito and the America Duel with Japan - Robert Harvey
Peasant Protest in Japan, 1590-1884 - Herbert P. Bix
Preemptive Strike - The secret Plan that would have prevented... - Alan Armstrong
Showa - The Japan of Hirohito - Carol Gluck and Stephen R. Graubard
The Last Lieutenant - John C. Shively
Contemporary Japanese History: since 1945 - James M. Vardaman
Japanese Historical Figures - Morimura Munefuyu, Kirsten MacIvar
Japan after Japan - Social and Cultural Life ... - Tomiko Yoda , Harry Harootunian
From Marco Polo Bridge to Pearl Herbor: Who was responsible? - Yomiuri Shimbun
Talking About Japan Q & A - Kodansha International
Five Days - in August How World War II Became a Nuclear War - Michael D. Gordin
Princess Masako: Prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne - Ben Hills
Collaboration: Japanese Agents and Local Elites in Wartime China - Timothy Brook
So Sad to Fall in Battle - An Account of War based on General Kuribayashi... - Kumiko Kakehashi
Shutting out the Sun - How Japan Created its own Lost Generation - Michael Zielenziger
What America reads about Japan - pubblicato da Kodansha
Showa Japan - The Post-war Golden Age and Its Troubled Legacy - Hans Brinckmann
The Thought War - Japanese Imperial Propaganda - Barak Kushner
Under The Osakan Sun - Hamish Beaton
Sex and the Japanese - The sensual Side of Japan - Boye Lafayette De Mente
The Comfort Woman - Sexual Violence and... - C. Sarah Soh

giappone nihon nippon jappone japan


libri Vintage libri

Japan as it was and is - Richard Hildreth - (1855)
With Kuroki in Manchuria - Frederick Palmer (1904)
Japan's Fight for Freedom - The Story of the War between Russiaand Japan shinkawa1(3 volumi) - H.W. Wilson
The Risen sun - Baron Suyematsu (1905)
The political Development of Japan 1867-1909 - George Etsujiro Uyehara (1910)
A Diplomat in Japan - Sir Ernest Satow (1921)
1931 The Great Pacific War - Hector C. Bywater (1925)
Japan - Das Land des Nebeneinander - Alice Schalex (1925) (in tedesco)
Visions of Infamy - William H. Honan (1925)
Japan Under Taisho Tenno 1912-1926 - A. Morgan Young (1928)
A Daughter of the Samurai - Etsu Inagaki Sugimoto (1929)
The Menace of Japan - Taid O'Conroy (prima pubblicazione 1933)
Japan's Place in the World - Julian Grande (1934)
When Japan goes to War - O. Tanin and E. Yohan (1936)
The March of Japan - Edgar Lajtha (1936)
Imperial Japan 1926-1938 - A. Morgan  Young (1938)
Japan Speaks Out - Shingoro Takaishi (1938)
Secret Agent of Japan - Amleto Vespa (1938)
Pivotal Points in a Changing World VI - Japan In the Current of Conquest - Theodore Heline - 1938
Japan in Recent Times - A. Morgan Young (1940)
Tokyo Record - Otto D. Tolischus (1943)
Resistance and Reconstruction - Generalissimo Chiang Kai-Shek (1943)
The Control of Germany and Japan - Harold G. Moulton & Louis Marlio (1944)
Ten Years in Japan - Joseph C. Crew (1944)
The Conqueror Comes to Tea - Japan under MacArthur - John LaCerda (1946)
The War Against Japan - Pictorial Record - The National Historical Society (1952)
Babysan - Bill Hume e John Annarino (1953)
Victory in Papua - The War in the Pacific - The National Historical Society (1957)
Hirohito, Emperor of Japan - Leonard Mosley (1966)
Behind Japan's Surrender - Lester Brooks (1968)
Japan's Imperial Conspiracy - David Bergamini (1971) - 2 Volumi



giappone nihon nippon jappone japan
giappone nihon nippon jappone japan in italiano giappone

Storia e saggi
Ore giapponesi - Fosco Maraini
Storia del Giappone - Dalle origini ai giorni nostri - Edwin O. Reischauer
Vento divino - la vera storia dei kamikaze - Rikihei Inoguchi, Tadashi Nakajima, Roger Pineau
Lo zen alla guerra - Brian Victoria
Il crisantemo e la spada - Modelli di cultura giapponese - Ruth Benedict
Il caso Giappone - Educazione e sviluppo nel Paese del Sol Levante - Mauro Laeng e altri
Electric Geisha - Tra cultura pop e tradizione in Giappone - Atsushi Ueda
Baburu - I figli della grande bolla - Karl taro Greenfeld
Otaku - I giovani perduti del Sol Levante - Massimiliano Griner, Rosa Isabella Furnari
Alle radici del sole - i mille volti del Giappone, incontri, luoghi, riti e follie - Renata Pisu
La bambola e il robottone - Culture pop nel Giappone contemporaneo - Alessandro Gomarasca
Giappone oltre la crisi - lezioni asiatiche per l'economia globale - Lester C. Thurow
Manga - Immagini del Giappone contemporaneo - Silvia Lucianetti, Andrea Antonini
Memorie di una geisha - Arthur Golden
La mia vita da geisha - Liza Dalby
La virtu' femminile - Harumi Setouchi
Addio ciliegi in fiore - Yoshida Mitsuru
Il Giappone a portata di mano - Camera di commercio italiana in Giappone
Lo specchio e il santuario - storie di americani nel Giappone Meiji - Robert A. Rosenstone

Il figlio dell'imperatore - Kenzaburo Oe
La monaca tuttofare, la donna serpente, il demone beone - Racconti dal medioevo giapponese
Onnazaka - il sentiero nell'ombra - Fumiko Enchi
Diari di dame di corte nell'antico Giappone
Sex & sushi - racconti erotici dal Giappone - a cura di Cristiana Ceci
Cent'anni di racconti dal Giappone - Osamu Dazai, Yasunari Kawabata e altri
Letteratura giapponese - disegno storico - Kato Shuichi - a cura di Adriana Boscato
Kokin Waka shu - Raccolta di poesie giapponesi antiche e moderne - a cura di Ikuko Sagiyama
Tokyo Station - Martin Cruz Smith consiglia per il tuo acquisto sicuro e veloce di libri ibs shop libri online


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